your new lifestyle

Happiness depends on how you look at life – and from where you look at it too. Some of those rare vantage points are now available in Novello, a stunning 15-storey development in Wollongong. The 62 apartments have been meticulously designed to make your future as comfortable and refreshing as the innovative city they’re in. Each one is an intoxicating cocktail of luxury, style, convenience, beauty and inspiration. If you’d like to nurture an outlook that remains forever young, perhaps it’s time to reimagine your life on Young Street.

You’ll discover Novello five minutes from the bustling centre of Wollongong, cradled by the spectacular Illawarra escarpment to the west and its pristine beaches to the east. The city – once reliant on heavy industry – has modernised, giving way to a light, easy and cosmopolitan lifestyle. New, innovative businesses are driving leading-edge employment opportunities and the University of Wollongong attracts the best students from around Australia and the world. This is a sophisticated city with a wonderfully unique and promising future.